There's no such thing as too much bling!

From the earliest archaeological record human kind has been adorning him or herself with ornamentation made from bone, seeds and even feathers. Decorative items were used embellish the body and the garments or our earliest ancestors.

As much fun as it is to adorn oneself in the beautiful garb of antiquity even more fun is the chance to make it colorful, shiny, glittery and sparkley. From beads, braids and tassels to coins, stones and pearls the Medieval Diva is truly at her, and sometimes his best with the addition of bling.

Whether historically accurate or just for fun, this site is all about the decoration, sparkles and shiny things that make living in these current middle ages so much fun!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Heavy Fighter Bling

Many people have helped me, pushed me and smacked me into making my dream of becoming a heavy fighter in the SCA come true. My friend Walbach went a step further. He made my sword, gave me a shield that no longer worked for him and made me a new grip for it. He made me leg armor and he completely revamped my helm so that it fit properly and so I could actually see out of it. Walbach he is is kind of heart and gentle of spirit... oh and he kicks my butt often. My most precious piece of heavy fighting bling is the helm that he worked so hard to make pretty (the eyebrows rawk).

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